We are a group of professionals whose main goal is to develop a crypto community by providing a secure and easy-to-use automatic trading platform.


The main distinguishing feature of Netcurrencyindex is support for processing speed of up to 10,000 trades every second and 1,000,000 TCP connections


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Our mission is to make cryptocurrencies more accessible to everyone and enable them to establish + revenue streams in this growing market.


NetCurrencyIndex - Transforming Crypto Market Data into Valuable Insights

NCI happens to be a useful tool for investors, a benchmark for traders and asset managers and a replicable index for passive funds and ETFs. In short, it is defining new standards in this ‘hot‘ industry.

We have embarked on a mission to develop special investment opportunities in the field of digital assets and make them accessible to everyone.

In order to cultivate the true spirit in our audience and keep the morale of the team high, we have set our slogan to ‘Smart Ideas for Your Money’. For fulfilling the promise, NCI is offering unique indices (containing strongest cryptocurrencies in the market), analysis tools, futures exchange, an arbitrage system, and much more, based on the combination of Artificial Intelligence and blockchain.

We have entered an era of sheer transparency and transactional efficiency. In light of that, our highly dedicated team has developed this novel solution for crypto enthusiasts, allowing better investment opportunities in a risk-free environment.

In addition to our NCI benchmark indices, we have developed VoliDEX, which measures the market volatility of the strongest 500 cryptocurrencies and gives an overview of the individual developments. Furthermore, our forecast tool and upcomer list also enable the users to access market insights, hence allowing them to make informed investment decisions.


How Does It Work?

With the help of its indices and extensive features, NCI has become the standard for measuring the cryptocurrency market and associated blockchain industry sector in the best possible way.

On one hand, the development of NCI 30, NCI 100 and NCI 500 is crucial for increasing market capitalization and on the second, the sustainability of the crypto market also depends on such unique solutions.

Our calculation formula makes an array of cryptocurrencies directly comparable and also exhibits the development of various indices and their respectivetokens contained therein.However, the dominance of Bitcoin, which is mainly ordered by market caps, is negligible and not particularly weighted.

The calculation factors vary rapidly and every week, several new tokens and users join the crypto industry. Moreover, changes in mining difficulty and smart contract also cause variations in parameters that are to be considered. In order to maintain a balance, we constantly make the required changes at our end to ensure that our clients enjoy the best user experience in terms of trading, efficiency, security, and feasibility.

However, the calculation of indices(containing crypto tokens), which provide an overview of the rapidly evolving market, cannot be performed solely on the basis of market capitalization,although it reflects the acceptance of a single cryptocurrency in the market. It is not suitable to abandon or share the constantly changing market conditions, because the prices of individual cryptocurrencies are often disproportionate to the number of circulating coins.


How Do We Weight?

Everyindex is calculated after 5 minutes and all values refer to the closing point of the previous day at 00:00 UTC.

Special events are also taken into account. For instance, when the current price for a cryptocurrency, that is in our NetCurrencyIndex, is not available in the market, we display the next token with highest market capitalization and take this into account in our data calculation.

The use of seemingly interesting mathematical formulas for the calculation of cryptocurrency indices does not help us here, let it be the applied calculation basis of Russel, Lafayette, Dow Jones, S&P 500, DAX, IBEX 30, China 100, Japan 100 or others. The NCI 30, NCI 100, NCI 500 and all other future indices are calculated only on the basis of average price change (in %) of the individual cryptocurrencies. Hence, only the authentic prices are reflected.


Expertise and NCIgo app

Our team has a collective experience of over 300 years in the IT and finance sector. We have invested a great deal of expertise in developing the upcoming NCIgo app, leveraging the following features:

  1. Social trading
  2. PAMM trading
  3. Copy trading
  4. Portfolio management
  5. Futures exchange

Moreover, with our AI based NCIbot, anyone can trade the portfolio in an automated and hassle-free environment.


Marketing for NCIgo APP and ongoing development of unique analyse tools

Launch of the NCIgo APP with Social trading to get rewarded , Futures Exchange and NCIbot AI based Automatic trading

Launch of NCI 30, NCI 100 and NCI 500 Indices as ESP on European Stock Exchange

Live Trading of over 500 Cryptoindices by Binary options

Begin of trade for NCI on Latoken

Launch of Pre-Alpha Version in simulation modus to trade over 500 Cryptocurrency Indices by Binary Options

IEO of NCI Benchmark tokens on latoken begins

Implement of addtional unique Cryptocurrency finance Data

Launching of the NCI VoliDEX Volatility Indices for 500 Cryptocurrencies

Start of developing of the NCIgo APP

Development of the NCI VoliDEX Volatility Indices begins

Launch of the NCI Upcomer Ranking and stability tool

Netcurrencyindex launched additional solutions and setting new Standards.

Netcurrencyindex Benchmark Indices NCI 30, NCI 100 and NCI 500 and NCI ADTS Arbitrage Detecting System are developed

The Developement group is established. Start of the Netcurrencyindex Project

Development of Concept.


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