NCI500 +

Here is a list of some Frequently Asked Questions

Our token portfolio of multiple cryptocurrencies is based on market capitalization, which covers over 99% of all cryptocurrencies on the market.

You get the +boost by our Arbitage ATDSystem, where you get paid monthly Dividend from directly your coin.

Cryptocurrencies included in the coin/ token, will be changed after every 5min automatically based on market capitalization. You go all the time with the strongest Cryptocurrencies by marketcab, because if the marketcab go down, they get automatically sorted out.

By this you participate from over 99% of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency related industry s and ICOs–Automatically.

The algorithm used to select these cryptocurrency is based on data science.

Our Arbitage ATDSystem detects automatically the best options on related exchanges and we make the trades, that you get monthly paid Dividend additional directly in your coin.

Arbitrage is when you have two of the exact same currency that are being sold in different exchanges for different prices. For example when the BTC price on Binance is $8,000 and on Bitfinex $8,200 then this would create an arbitrage opportunity. You can take advantage of this situation by buying BTC on Binance for $8,000 and sell it on Bitfinex for $8,200 and you keep the difference of profit.

Tokens are portfolio of cryptocurrencies

Our Coin/Token is based on the frequently changing – to go all time with the strongest – main 500 cryptocurrencies in the market.

The monthly paid Dividend is based on our Arbitage ATDSystem.

No, it is not a crypto Hedge fund. It's a mathematical protocol on the blockchain which allow people to invest in top 500 cryptocurrencies based on market capitalization and earn the profit .

Monthly Dividend will be also paid additional by Arbitrage trading Arbitage ATDSystem is a mathematical protocol which detected automatically best Cryptocurrency Arbitage possibilities between different Cryptocurrency Exchanges.

Buying one cryptocurrency is risky, as it can go down and stay under pressure for months. The advantage with ETF token is that they have so many cryptocurrencies in it and many of them are always going up or we say that there accumulative sum of all these will possibly be in plus.

Additional you save all separate fees for investing in different cryptocurrencies

The monthly paid Dividend from our Arbitage ATDSystem let you earn additional in best secured a low risked way.

The Minimal Investment is US$ 300 . The Maximum Invest is US$ 1 mio for each buyer.

Money raised by ICO will be used for solely Arbitage trading by our Arbitage ATDSystem to earn profit for you to get the monthly additional Dividend directly in your coin.

A part of the money will be used for ongoing development of the platform and our Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange Colsio -Home of Crypto- The New World Exchange – with over 600+ Cryptopairs, Instant buying function of all Cryptocurrencies, over 200 Crypto CFDs and Binary and the borderless payment function QuitPAY for all Cryptocurrencies and normal FIAT Money.

By QuitBOX System you can pay and receive Cryptocurrencies and Fiat Money in seconds cross over all available payments platforms. Everywhere to anywhere.

By QuitBEAM Smartphone App you send with one touch Cryptocurrencies and Fiat Money to other QuitPAY users or Pay borderless directly by QuitBOX System.

Our OuitCARD let you get cash anywhere, whether it’s from you Fiat money or Cryptocurrencies, which will be automatically changed for best rates if you wish.

Yes, to achieve regulatory compliance we have KYC and KML but only need from beginning if it’s more than US$ 50.000 or it’s Equivalent in any other Fiat or Cryptocurrency.

Under US$ 50.000 (or its equivalent is not KYC /KML needed if you not wish especial to do .

A whitelist is a list of entities approved for authorized access or privileged membership to enter a specific area By whitelisting we offer you the privileged possibility to have the right to join the worlds first PreSale of the Index ETF + Token/ Coins with an whitelisting Bonus of 5%

Only 2000 places for this special Bonus are free. First come, first served

Indices are calculated by our patent protected algorithm. Nobody can alter that algorithm not even by the developer of the platform.
We select cryptocurrencies based on market capitalization and this is main aim of creating this platform.

In general our support is here for you 24/7.

But to participate and take the chance to join first time in the world our limited ICO ( initial coin offering) it's simple and easy.

  1. You register you with your mail address and a password -which will become then also similar to your investment ID (other additional to your email address would be nice-but over invest of US$ 50.000 (or its Equivalent)not needed
  2. Your email address (similar to Investment ID) is added to some from our system automatically generated Wallet which is needed to receive your NCi500 Index ETF Coins after Payment.
  3. You choose the amount you want to invest and the currency you would like to pay with (e.g. in FIAT : US$, Euro, GBP; Yen, Wong, etc or Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum and 100 More)
  4. You choose the payment way from one of our possibilities and simply make SEND.

After we receive the payment, you get automatically in your wallet your NCI 500 Index ETF + coins with which you can than participate from the fantastic growing Cryptocurrency Market in best secured and low risk way .

After end of presale the phase to receive Dividends directly in your coin will begin

From your internal wallet, you can withdraw every time your NCI500 Index ETF+Coins to any other wallet or simply let it where it is and withdraw /sell when the Coins are listed on Exchange after the ICO has finished.

There is zero fee on buying and selling of the tokens
ICO will be Start with our Pre-Sale from 26 October 2018 – Whitelist for the presale is open from 3 Oct
You can buy and sell the tokens anytime and anywhere there is no restriction on that. Tokens can be traded on peer-to-peer basis or can be traded on exchange.
We accept over 100 Cryptocurrencies, All Fiat Money e.g. US$, Euro, GBP, Yen, etc..
You can pay by credit card and a lot of others payment facilities
No, Netcurrency IndexProtocol is open for every single person on this planet. If it’s in with the laws and rules from every country.
Right now any ERC20 compliant wallet can be used for holding our tokens but in future we will have our own wallet.