Here is a list of some Frequently Asked Questions

Netcurrencyindex is the Index and Analyse Benchmark for Cryptocurrency and the related Blockchain Industry.

With its Indices NCI 30, (Blue Chips) NCI 100 (Young Entrepreneurs) and NCI 500 ( Future Goals) we are showing the Cryptomarkets in fully natural way

"As the NCI Indices shows the main 30,(approx 92% of Mcap) main 100 (approx 95%and main 500 (approx 99,50%) by marketcab in fully natural way and updating them each every 5 min with the indices you go all time with the strongest and best developing coins by marketcab.

As they are calculated in ""natural way"" they are not only Indices . They are also an perfect trend and market analyse tools"

(NCI) VoliDEX Volatility Indices for the main 500 Cryptocurrencies (showing all time /updating the strongest 500 also)covering over 99% of the market . By VoliDex you can meassure the market Volatility of each related coin and use as decision for investment/analyze

The NCI Forecast /prediction (Endless/Changing) for the main 500 CCs is an outstanding tool also - AI based calulated in connection with our outstanding experience to analyse the market- by the forecast (with an currenct approx 68% accuray) you can earn by following the predictions

By Netcurrencyindex Upcomer list you can see for each NCI Index (30,100,500) the newest Coins which reaches the stages to come in the index, beause they have grown - new ranking (which which they come in) by Mcap in each Index- old ranking- actuell ranking, and "stable in" -how long they are stable in each Index (after they have reached) and the ranking number difference (+/-) after they have reached and now. You can figure out at last "steadily growing coins"

Smart fix+ is:

  • ✔️ an investment tool that allows to earn up to 15% interest rate for 180 days on your own deposits + the boost from our AI Based automatic trading which has been in the past at an average of 29.27 % Monthly
  • ✔️ a reliable way to multiply your capital;
  • ✔️ NetCurrencyindex as Benchmark for Indices and Analyses guarantees safety and availability of your funds in Smart fix+.

Go to "SMART" section of our website. There, you'll see all the available Investment Plans.

Take your time to explore each of them (they differ in interest rate, time period, min. and max. investment amount).

Select a Plan that most suits your needs. Indicate the desired amount of cryptocurrency you wish to allocate (please note that cryptocurrency you want to allocate must be available on your Main Balance). Click on 'Invest'. You're all set! The amount of funds invested will be transferred from your Main Balance. At the bottom of that same page you'll also be able to see your Investment History.

If something is still not clear for you - please turn to our Support.

After the period of your Plan has ended, you will be able to receive your initial investment along with the interest accrued + the earned boost from our AI based automatic trading minus our commission for this part

To do this, go to 'My Smart' section on the "SMART" page. Select your Smart Plan and select 'Close Deposit'. Confirm your action in the pop-up window. Ready!

The interest you've earned, together with your initial investment will be accrued to your Main Balance.

If there are any questions, please submit them to our Support.

NCIgo application will set NEW STANDARDS for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain industry. Earn by your followers - Build your own Investment Strategies and get rewarded - Earn by Trading, Earn by AI and machine learning Bot in fully automated way.

  • ✔️ Trade all currencies and NCI30, NCI100 and NCI500 Benchmark Indices
  • ✔️ Hedge up to 20 cryptocurrencies in the same time
  • ✔️ Futures Exchange - Leverage up to 100x
  • ✔️ Add all your wallets and assets
  • ✔️ Forecast Pro version
  • ✔️ AI based Bot with IBM WATSON machine learning
  • ✔️ Social trading - Anyone can be a portfolio manager

Build your own Investment strategies and EARN from your referrals and followers.

NCI Token is the core of NCI innovative Ecosystem. Token holders will grant the access to PRO tools and features.

Due to NCI tokens you can trade over 500 Crypto Indices. Also, you have opportunity to get commission in NCI tokens from each follower who will use your portfolio in the NCIgo application.

With NCI you have access to Stock market products underlayed by over 500 NCI indices with no additional fees when issued and treated as an Instititional Investor Using NCIbot, Futures exchange feature or NCI wallet you have to pay fees only using NCI Token.

There is zero fee on buying and selling of the tokens

You can buy and sell the tokens anytime and anywhere there is no restriction on that. Tokens can be traded on peer-to-peer basis or can be traded on exchange

No, NCI is open for every single person on this planet. If it’s in with the laws and rules from every country.

Arbitrage is when you have two of the exact same currency that are being sold in different exchanges for different prices. For example when the BTC price on Binance is $8,000 and on Bitfinex $8,200 then this would create an arbitrage opportunity. You can take advantage of this situation by buying BTC on Binance for $8,000 and sell it on Bitfinex for $8,200 and you keep the difference of profit.

Cryptocurrencies by marketcab, because if the marketcab go down, they get automatically sorted out.

By this you participate from over 99% of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency related industry s and ICOs–Automatically.

The algorithm used to select these cryptocurrency is based on data science.

Our Arbitage ATDSystem detects automatically the best options on related exchanges and we make the trades, that you get monthly paid Dividend additional directly in your coin.