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NCI 30 +91.49%

463 days


monthly profit

10191.49   -4.31%
NCI 100 +78.98%

463 days


monthly profit

10178.98   -3.92%
NCI 500 +326.73%

463 days


monthly profit

10426.73   -3.87%
1h   +0.20%
1h   +0.49%
1h   +0.34%

How to purchase NCI500 ?

PreSale participation process

Hello, everyone. At long last, the NetCurrencyIndex PreSale will begin on 26th 2018 2018! You’ll get + 20 % up to 28% Bonus during this sale. The amount planned to be sold in this sale is ,820,000 NCI500 (= 14750 ETH).

Whitelist registrants (whitelist now closed) get additional 5% early bird Bonus

Pre-sale schedule

26th September 2018, 20:00(UTC) to 11th November 2018, 20.00(UTC)

Minimum purchase 300$ - or equivalent in other Currency Participation process for the PreSale and the crowd sales.

STEP 1. User Verification

  1. Sign in to let you register by your Email and set your Password and Confirm by sended link to your email

  1. Any Whitelist, KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Verification Is not needed to participate

STEP 2. Purchase NCI500

  1. Sign in again with your password and choose the amount of coins/tokens you would like to buy and your prefered payment method.

  1. After we receive your payment you get added your tokens imediately on your internal wallet in our system
    From there you can withdraw your tokens everytime to your personal wallet

  2. The Curent Rate of NCI500 –which depends on the Develeopment of the over 99% Cryptocurrencies by marektcab ranking is displayed on our webpage and will get updated daily frequently to the Smart Contract Adress

  3. Arbitrage Dividend s will paid 1th time on the 1 th December 2018 to all token holders and ongoing on every 1 th of the month .If the 1 th of any month is a Date on weekend then the next coming working day is the payment day

Token sale Schedule

Pre-sale: (+20 up to+ 28% % Bonus)

  1. From: 2018–Oct–26 20:00 (UTC), To:2018–Nov–11 20.00 (UTC)
  2. Price: 1 NCI500 = 0,36 $ - or equivalent in Cryptocurrency

Crowd sale Stage1 (+5% up to 10% Bonus)

  1. From: 2018–Nov–16 20:00 (UTC), To: 2018–Dez –02 20:00 (UTC)
  2. Price: 1 NCI500 = 0.37 $ - or equivalent in Cryptocurrency

Crowd sale Stage2 (+2 % Bonus)

  1. From: 2018–DEZ–08 00:00 (UTC), To:2018–DEZ–30 20.00 (UTC)
  2. Price: 1 NCI500 = 0,38 $ - or equivalent in Cryptocurrency


  1. This is the only way to purchase NetcurrencyIndex s NCI500 token NETCURRENCYINDEX team never send DMs/PMs requesting money on Telegram etc.
  2. Residents of countries that prohibit participation in ICO token sales cannot participate through our platform.

you can get up to +28% bonus on this sale.
Don’t miss out on this big opportunity!

If you any questions, feel free to contact us We look forward to receiving your message

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