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NCIgo State of the Art App we will change the future and setting again new standards

NCIbot Al Automated trade

Using both proprietary Al and IBM Watson, NCIBot seeks to find the best investment opportunities through the power of artificial intelligence

PAMM and Copy trading

Anybody can be a portfolio manager
Build your own Investment Strategies and manage your products

Choose from over 500 Cryptocurrencies and build your own portofolio get Rewarded and Earn for your Strategy from other

Futures Exchange

Leverage some time different
products x 100

Leverage one Currency ? You will be able to leverage 2, 5 or up to 20 different at the same moment to Earn and reduce you

Trade all coins

Forecast & Trend Pro

Earn by our Al based Forecast for 500 Cryptocurrencies and use ourTrend Tool in Pro version for your success

Connect all your wallets

Multi-purpose Wallet

Asset wealth management

Using blockchain technology to create the best powerful tool ever

NCIbot Artificial Intelligence

We’ve overcome the limitations of the human mind.
Using both proprietary Al and IBM Watson, EquBot seeks to find the best investment opportunities through the power of artificial intelligence. Our Technology will make it possible with NCIbot proprietary algorithms and multiple artificial intelligence (AI) cognitive computing platforms. The technology is a multi-staged process that seeks to identify mispriced investments in the marketplace, optimize exposure, and then capitalize on the timing of those positions. We are able to combine both fundamental and quantitative analysis while formulating new investment insights through the use of AI.


Anyone can be a portfolio manager

Build your portfolio and Earn by your followers NCIgo allows anyone to connect with individual in more advanced way: You can follow and copy trades of top investors.Start and get followed by thousands of people with Social Trading. Investors can profit from the experience of successful traders who publish their trading strategies on the social trading platform as NCIgo App , and build up a track record for themselves Interested users and potential investors can see all trading ideas, real-market data, indices and every trade at all times and in real-time without registering andentirely free of charge.

Traders can display their trading talent and progress when publishing their strategies on NCIgo and build up a track record for themselves. “Traders and investors on NCIgo have the same target: I will only earn money if my build portofolio strategy brings a return of which investors actually profit.



Futures Exchange

The NCIgo Futures Exchange is a trading platform where traders can buy and sell futures contracts on various cryptocurrencies, commodities and fi-nancial instruments. Traders win and lose NCI tokens. Traders must have a balance of NCI to place traders which creates demand for NCI. NCIgo is at the cutting edge of blockchain technology and is developing a hybrid exchange that combines the best parts of centralized and decentralized system. Traders enjoy the speed and reliability of real time trading on a centralized order matching engine, but at the same time they Account balances are the kept in an independent smart contract and the exchange NCIgo is unable to with hold, mismanage, steal or lose your funds because we physically do not have your private keys. This also makes less attractive to hackers because there are no client funds to steal.



Start reaching your financial goals

NCI can operate indefinitely without charging transaction fees on trades by minting a small number of new NCI tokens each year. Token issuance is decided and governed democratically by all NCI token owners. Traders who are attracted to zero-fee trading must buy NCI tokens to participate, thus creating increased demand for NCI. This demand will offset the small inflationary effects of minting a small number of the new tokens.