NCI 100 growing 28,89% in 7 days
NCI 30 has grown 8,13 % in 7 days
NCI Indexprotocol contains all Blockchain Industry sectors
NCI 500 contains 99,35 % of all Crypto Marketcab
6th Dec 11:50 UTC

Smart fix + plans with fixed interest and boost by automatic trading launched…..

2nd Sep 2:50 UTC

» NCI Benchmark 2nd IEO on Vindax Exchange with over 300 Mio Daily Volumne has started!

23th Aug 9:21 UTC

» NCI Benchmark token-1th round SOLD OUT!
Limited + direct sale starts 24th of August up to 27th – Only 4 Days ! on our platform for Family &Friends Last chance to get NCI Benchmark for Initial Price
Trading open 28th of August on P2pb2B Exchange.

11 August 12:25 UTC

NetCurrencyIndex -NCI Benchmark INITIAL EXCHANGE OFFER starts on P2pb2B Exchange at 15th August

9 Aug 9:02 UTC

Netcurrencyindex and NCIgo app voted by over 120.000 users as Innovator and Best Invest 2019

09 Aug 8:57 UTC

Netcurrencyindex -NCI -Benchmark sale Start at 15 August on P2pb2B Exchange«

25 Mar 12:17 UTC

Forecast  of main 500 Cryptos now possible . NCI has launched its perfect tool«

25 Mar 12:14 UTC

Netcurrencyindex has launched its Volidex Volatility Indices for main 500 Coins«

29 Jan 15:57 UTC

All CryptoMarkets are in Phase of recovering – good time to buy «

27 Jan 16:33 UTC

Netcurrencyindex soon launch the  new Volatil Indices for over 99% by  marketcab of the main Cryptocurrencies «

26 Jan 15:46 UTC

Cryptomarket´s in a sideways movement – steadily little up and down since days by holding positions in general –  currently tendenz more to green  numbers «

24 Jan 16:46 UTC

Markets lost in General but just in phase of recovering «

20 Jan 13:31 UTC

Markets in taking profit phase . Investors safe their earnings. Markets will recover soon by taking chances to invest at lower level«

20 Jan 11:24 UTC

Markets growing slowly again. NCI500 Markets  best performer in general. AUGUR ( REP) reaches NCI30 Index«

19 Jan 11:42 UTC

NetCurrencyIndex will soon launch its new i-frame for exchanges and other partners to display all Indices«

19 Jan 11:34 UTC

As predicted Markets are growing up slowly but substantial -All indices growing«

17 Jan 15:35 UTC

Markets recovering after phase of 2 days decrease«

26 Oct 20:20 UTC

PreSale of NCI 500 Index ETF + has started !«

26 OCT 20.00 UTC

PreSale Start of NCI500 Index ETF+ will be 20 min late «

24 Oct 8:31 UTC

Whitelist for best PreSale Bonus will close the next hours «

6 Okt 9:23 UTC News Update

Markets are in very good condition and steadily growing «

5 Oct 19:41 UTC News Update

Bitcoin dominate  the Market by over 50% marketcab but other Cryptocurrencies are more and more independent from that «

05 Oct 19:33 UTC News Update

Markets after substantial growing in the last week now in little sidestep move.

25 Sep 12:26 UTC News Update

Markets are in general good condition – after very stabil growing now in taking profit phase .

Ripple (XRP) lost 15% after growing 45% before 

21 Sep 19:31 UTC News Update

Markets in extremely Phase of growing    –   Ripple win over 45% in 24h -NCI 500 Reaches over 20% monthly earnings since more than 13 months

20 Sep 8:13 UTC Markets Update

» Markets after phase of consolidation growing again . Bitcoin has more than 55% of all marketcab but will be replaced  through other coins for payment in the Future- NCI 500 is the best for invest«

14 Sep 17:23 UTC

» Markets are very volatil. Big changes in the leading Cryptocurrencies rankings has happened . Part of market now determined by other players «

14 Sep 17:15 UTC

»Why has Ethereum lost so much ? – Coming from massiv invest in new ICOs«

10 Sep 20:41 UTC

» Markets  after additional taking profit phase now get back in plus «

07 Sep 17:20 UTC

» After extremely taking profit phase yesterday – investors take the chance to invest for good rates . Markets growing now agai«

04 Sep 19:37 UTC

» Markets take profit – not much, but main CC´s get the red colour and loose part of their 24h growing «

03 Sep 21:27 UTC

» After very good growing in the last days markets take profits now- buy «

01 Sep 15:19 UTC

» BACK to normality – AurumCoin (AU) now (only) + 288% – all Markets growing «

01 Sep 8:55 UTC

» BREAKING NEWS» AurumCoin (AU) grow over fantastic +5700% ! – NCI 30 Crypto Index over +195% «

01 Sep 8: 40 UTC

»As predicted-Markets grow the last 24h very good- Bitcoin reaches over $ 7000«

31 Aug 7:35 UTC

« Markest Recover after Minor Drop »

29 Aug 21:29 UTC

»As predicted, markets lost their growing from last day by taking profits but growing again«

28 Aug 21:39 UTC

»Crypto Markets are in substantial growing Phase -NCI30 +8,44% – profits get taken tomorrow then growing go forward«

26 Aug 19:19 UTC

» Markets are growing slowly- but growing «

25 Aug 19:16 UTC

»Markets after run Phase now in  small taking profit phase which will be stop soon – then the growing goes forward«

24 Aug 19:29 UTC

»Crypto Markets in very good Condition – as predicted ”green ”has come back- Stay tuned -after lot of resets markets are now in running phase -GO with US-Go with the specialists « ♥

23 Aug 17:42 UTC

»As predicted, Crypto Markets are now in green again – phase will go forward – NCi30 >VEChain (VET) wins  over 7% in last 24h«

22 Aug 19:59 UTC

»After very good growing Today – Markets are in taking profit phase again. Stay tuned. Will go up soon in green again.«

21 Aug 18:12 UTC

»As predicted Markets after Red Zone coming back.-good time to buy «

20 Aug 18:15 UTC

»Cryptomarket´s in a sideways movement – steadily up and down since days by holding positions in general – but currently tendenz more to red numbers «

19. Aug 19:12 UTC

» After taking profit Phase, Markets going steadily up and down, but hold their general positions «

18 Aug 16:08 UTC

» As predicted again Markets after a very good growing now  in taking Profit phase. «


17 Aug 15:40 UTC

»Markets coming strong back ! NCI 100 over + 10%  . Tomorrow will be taken profits. Be prepared.«

16 Aug 19:40 UTC

» Crypto Markets are searching the right way over the day -NCI500  Index  + 4,61% «

15 Aug 17:29 UTC

» As predicted again Markets growing  extremely. Ethereum over + 16% Go with the Specialists. Go with us ! «


14 Aug 15:35 UTC

» Markets are slowly growing again -more and more CC´s reduce the red or coming in green «

14 Aug 15:24 UTC

» All Marketcab today reaches nearly  Nov 2017- before the boom has beginn. «




13 Aug 18:19 UTC

» Markets  under pressure after profit taking . Same Scenario than beginning of last week. Markets are in ongoing down Phase «


12 Aug 16:12 UTC

»»As predicted, the entire market has risen and is slowly picking up again.
Very little profit taking is still being made on the market today, but prices will continue to rise««

11 Aug 14:31 UTC

»After 2nd Phase of  massiv lost this week – Markets coming back NOW. Very good time to take the chance to Invest at lowest rates 

10 Aug 15:50 UTC

» ZClassic (ZCL) reaches  NCI 100  Index

10 Aug 13:47 UTC

» Markets growing  again. Looking forward for longer Phase.



09 Aug 8:22 UTC

» Markets COMING BACK . Good time to Invest after massiv lost before.

08 Aug 7:46 UTC

Index Markets lost 7-10% after massiv profit taking . Wait over the day. We will inform you when time is coming to Invest/Buy on good rates 

07 Aug UTC 13:05

All Crypto Markets growing substantiell. Good time to buy 

NCI is Experiencing a Surge in Popularity

San Francisco: Source : CoinNewsTelegraph Last week, several market leaders and financial experts from around the Globe mentioned NetCurrencyIndex as one of the best options for crypto enthusiasts and they also expect the venture to rank among the top 10 cryptocurrencies. Some of them were so optimistic

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NCIgo – the unique application with such high-level security performance

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NetCurrencyIndex presents the Crypto Index Family NCI30,NCI100 and NCI500 – the effective tool for trading

In order to increase the trading earnings, the NetCurrencyIndex with its NCI 30, NCI 100, NCI 500 indices was developed. NetCurrencyIndex is the Benchmark and current measuring with the NCI indices the crypto market in fully natural way. For now, NetcurrencyIndex is the one of the most global banking

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The Netcurrency project provides the users with the raw of the extraordinary possibilities. The traders could get the profit with help of the tracking data analysis and the arbitrage available on the website. Due to the capabilities to see the changes with the cryptocurrencies positions, the trading is going to become more efficient sphere of realization.

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One of the most informative list of cryptocurrency indices in given in NCI 500 tracking data table. The online platform with the present day statistics and futures exchanges became the leader among the existing projects. The artificial intelligence technology that is used for the analysis running makes the NCI 500 markets source one step ahead.

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The most stable and profitable ones – the review of NCI 30, NCI 100, NCI 500

The newcomers to the trading as the experienced ones are aspiring to get the best profit on the present cryptocurrency market. Each of users tries to use the most effective tools in order to run his own tracking data analysis. This purpose is reasonable one but the search usually takes much time.

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NCIGo functionality – the advanced features for trading

The Netcurrency developers have already presented the promo reels about their new application. According the information given in this video, all the operations and activities inside the app NCIGo are possible due to the artificial intelligence technology adoption.

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NCIGo – the application all traders need

The Netcurrency project is going to present the innovative application for more effective trading activities. Even now the users have the possibility to try some functions for free and understand the peculiarities that could make their trading more profitable due to the app exceptional concept.

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When choosing a project for participation and/or investment, it is very important to analyze all available information. Special attention should be paid to the project team.For this purpose, I would like to tell you about the Netcurrency project team.

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Dear community! It’s finally happened! We have some great news. We are almost ready to launch our Airdrop/bounty company. What’s it? This is an incredible mix of Airdrop and bounty plus referral system.

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New Features Alive! VoliDex and Forecast.

We have some great news! The latest useful features for our community members. Our goal is to make the digital market easier and more accessible for you. To do this, we have prepared new products, namely NCI VoliDEX and Forecast!

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