Awesome Airdrop coming soon!

BY ANDREY | Wednesday March 20, 2019 | NETCURRENCYINDEX

Dear community! It’s finally happened! We have some great news. We are almost ready to launch our Airdrop/bounty company. What’s it? This is an incredible mix of Airdrop and bounty plus referral system.

Invest like billionaires!

Our NCI indices make dreams come true! The algorithms based on artificial intelligence and trading strategies make investing in cryptocurrency understandable for everyone!

We know you’ve been waiting for this too long! Believe us, we have been looking forward to it too!

And we are planning additional bonuses for our most active users. You may ask, what is needful to become an active user and get additional tokens? It’s easy! Help us to promote our project and attract more users. You can tell about us to your friends, as well as make a small announcement in the social networks

So, we are waiting for you! Our Airdrop/Bounty company is starting very soon. We will notify you in the social media. It will be incredibly cool and interesting!

Best wishes!

NetcurrencyIndex Team