Get the risk-free profit – use the live detected Arbitrage tradings

BY ANDREY | Monday March 11, 2019 | NETCURRENCYINDEX

Get the risk-free profit – use the live detected Arbitrage tradings

Nowadays marketing is the fast developing sphere with the big quantity of innovations. All traders are trying to get more profit as it is possible. One of the tool that could be used in order to free the trading out of the risks is the arbitrage. The concept of the arbitrage system is based on the profitable exchanging any kind of cryptocurrency. The secure purchase occurs and then is sold in the another market. While the price is rising and the traders could get the remunerable transactions.

Our Arbitrage trading system is created in order to avoid much time spending for visiting numerous exchanges and comparing prices there. The project is devoted to the fast and detailed analyzing of the market – to sell and to by the cryptocurrency is available without the risks but with much profit.

The operating peculiarities of Arbitrage – the trading option that needs to be used

The system is analyzing the token market permanently that makes the result of its operation truthful and reliable. All users could choose the category “Live Arbitrage” and start working with our system. All information is presented in the shape of the table with different data columns. The proposed numbers and rating are given to traders for comparison. Having got the start-end price inquiries,it is possible to define the transaction profit.

The Arbitrage table structure is:

  • The counting number of the token pair;
  • Thetypeofassets;
  • Theexchangespread;
  • Startprice;
  • Endprice;
  • The time when the certain data was detected by the Arbitrage system;
  • ATD system ID number.

We have the purpose to take the advantage for Arbitrage users of the different token size. That is why it is available for traders to, as it is generally said, get something profitable “in different places for the same thing”.

About each category of Arbitrage system in details

All token pairs have their counting number in the table. It is easy to follow the changes when the items are indexed. The next column is devoted to the type of assets. The traders see the full information of the concrete exchange.


Assets column

Firstly, it is presented the titles of tokens that form the exchanging pair. Under this information the users could see the name of the blockchain project or company that buy some tokens and next to it – the second one that sells the certain cryptocurrency. The specification “sell” or “buy” in the brackets below are used in order the trader could not mix up the given items.


Here is given the current percentage of the transaction profit. The spread shows the reasonableness of the trading in the certain time. The number could be volatile between 0.01% up to 100%, depending on the market conditions at the juncture.

Start and end prices

The fourth and fifth columns are devoted to the price items. This data is detected by the system and is provided to the user in order they could be sure in the spread exponent. The peculiarity of our market analyzing is the permanent process of operating. All criteria are actual.

Detected by ATD System

The information about the time of gathered information is presented here. The trader sees the concrete time according Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). It gives the opportunity to make the decision about the transaction at a particular time.

We have developed the Arbitrage trading system for people who want to gain the time for choosing the best exchange for selling and buying cryptocurrency. Moreover, the traders are able get the free-risk profit for the short period of time operating in our system.


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