NCI 500 index and positions are permanently growing in percentage – what is the key point to know?

BY ANDREY | Saturday April 20, 2019 | NETCURRENCYINDEX

Netcurrencyindex as the global institution data provider offers to follow the worldwide indices in the graphical form in real time. NCI 500 index positions are permanently growing, outperforming other ones, as Bitcoin, Dow Jones, S&P 500 and Dax. All users have the opportunity to see themselves the regular changes in percentage on the main page of Netcurrencyindex – the live update table is available to all traders for free.

The latest positions of NCI 500 show the stable growing aspect of the index. The experts name these showings as the result of the current market measuring in the fully natural way. The Netcurrencyindex 500 index showings are forming on the base of the thousands market aspects taken into account by the artificial technology. It is one of the reason of growth of all representatives of NCI index family.

NCI 500 index by Netcurrencyindex – all the reasons of its stable positions 

The peculiarity of the NCI 500 index relies in the full covering of the present day marketcab. Having been considered as the trend analyse tool, the NCI 30, NCI 100 and NCI 500 indices could be name as the most reliable trading data nowadays. Almost 99 % of the blockchain projects are included and are analyzed with AI technology permanently.  After all the indices are forming, the NCI 500 index includes only the most stable and powerful coins, excluding the weakest ones. It gives the opportunity to name the Netcurrencyindex project and its NCI 500 index as the part of NCI index family as the Benchmark of the nowadays blockchain technology.

As it could be seen, the NCI 500 index has the outperforming showings all the time. Each user has the possibility to see the percentage of different indices and make sure of the stable NCI 500 positions:

  1. The vertical line means the percentage of the global projects and their strategies;
  2. The horizontal line shows the period of time when the result is performed.

Due to the fact that all market circumstances are considered, the Netcurrencyindex representative of the whole index family, NCI 500 index has the leading showings from August of 2017 till now. It means that investments made in NCI index family are reasonable and give the capability of the real profit to all traders that rely on them. Moreover, that Netcurrencyindex cooperates with the leading exchanges and investing companies. It is the most reliable project for trading possible to bank on. Many newcomers and the professional trades gave the preference to Netcurrencyindex.