NCI 500 index vs S&P 500 – the reasons of Netcurrencyindex advantage over other trading strategies

BY ANDREY | Friday April 26, 2019 | NETCURRENCYINDEX

The traders worldwide aspire to find the absolute profitable way for making investments and gain the excellent income. The modern trading society performs many strategies to follow. The list of the most commonly used benchmarks is not changed – the leading indices form the list of the TOP trading strategies. Here are three main global data institutions the users bank on every day worldwide:

  • NCI 500 index;
  • Standard & Poor 500 index;
  • Dow Jones.

        What is the most reliable benchmark to consider for the efficient trading? It is possible to determine with help of the key features. Not only the statistics of indices growing will be taken into account but also the way of the market covering, the quality of the measurements and other aspects.

The comparison of the best indices – the best benchmark for market determining

        Let us start with Dow Jones index – this is the weakest index in all parameters among the leading ones. The reasons are well-understandable. The presented index covers only 30 companies that is insufficient for the going marketcap. One more aspect to take into account is the limitation of the index in the sectors it represents at all. So the Dow Jones should be excluded from the list of the TOP trading strategies to follow.

        That is why the experts’ attention is riveted on the NCI 500 index by the Netcurrencyindex team and S&P 500 index with the rather broader scope – so with the rather more capabilities for traders and investment companies. Let’s compare both indices to understand the best of them.

        Speaking about S&P 500 index it is worth noticing that positive dynamic of the index showings is caused with the large-cap companies taken into account. But the advantage of the growing statistics is possible to turn into the real disadvantage. The topic relies on the small-cap representatives of the present day trading society or foreign projects stay without attention. So the traders are able to miss some efficient and profitable moment to act.

In comparison, the NCI 500 index covers more than 99 % marketcap and measure the present day market in full natural way. It allows to pay attention to all the stable coins, assets and other projects to mention. At the same time, S&P 500 index is limited in the possibilities and showings for traders. For example, there are not available:

  • The wide range of assets;
  • Forecast ability;
  • Bonds and stocks;

other trading tools.

Speaking about Standard & Poor 500 index, it is worth to mention that it is not the best benchmark for the profitable trading because of its inaccurate measurements of portfolio return both for individual investors and for middle-sized investment companies. Look at the 2018 statistics – it shows that the index is unstable in positions due to its kind of the market measure. The potential to grow often turned to become the decreasing points at a time.

In comparison to the already described index, the NCI 500 showings are stable more than 2 years. The Netcurrencyindex 500 index is formed on the base of the thousands market aspects taken into account by the artificial technology. It is one of the reason of growth of all representatives of NCI index family, namely the NCI 500 index.

The accurate analysis results provided are the evidence of the NCI index fidelity and exact market measure. The permanently growing positions of NCI 500 index prove that Netcurrency Family of indices, considered as the efficient analysis tool, is the real benchmark of the nowadays blockchain technology. to bank on.