NCI is Experiencing a Surge in Popularity

BY ANDREY | Monday August 12, 2019 | NETCURRENCYINDEX

San Francisco: Source : CoinNewsTelegraph Last week, several market leaders and financial experts from around the Globe mentioned NetCurrencyIndex as one of the best options for crypto enthusiasts and they also expect the venture to rank among the top 10 cryptocurrencies. Some of them were so optimistic about the prospects that they even claimed it could surpass or at least hit the same value as of Bitcoin.

It is worth noticing that apart from NCI’s technology and strategy to capture the crypto market, the idea and related tools are also quite futuristic. Therefore, as a whole, NCI offers a one-stop solution for crypto enthusiasts and investors.

One of the core reasons as to why these experts are so inclined towards NetCurrencyIndex is because of their state-of-the-art NCIgo app which comprises of several crucial tools required by the traders. For instance, VoliDEX for measuring token volatility, AI-based forecasting and analyzing tools and some upcoming features as well, such as NCIbot, futures exchange and copy trading.

Coin News Telegraph has also been cordially invited to attend the conference among these experts and very soon, we’ll publish more about NCI’s tools and products after getting detailed insights.

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In the upcoming articles, we will publish more about the projects that were discussed in the conference.