NCIGo functionality – the advanced features for trading

BY ANDREY | Friday March 29, 2019 | NETCURRENCYINDEX

The Netcurrency developers have already presented the promo reels about their new application. According the information given in this video, all the operations and activities inside the app NCIGo are possible due to the artificial intelligence technology adoption. The developers hold the application out as the complex of the effective tools and data collected in the only online platform for trading.

        A known quantity of app available functions is presented below:

  • The possibility to choose the ready algorithm for trading or create own strategy for getting more profit;
  • The capability to get the best leverage due to the fast and effective app tracking data analysis;
  • The PRO package of proposals availability with the access to the forecasts and Crypto Traded Funds activities.

        As the proof of the application vast functionality, there is the possibility to run the multi-purpose wallet and connect to the NCIGo account all existing wallets. The innovative technology provides the asset wealth management and trading all Altcoins presented in the application tables. The tracking data analysis is completed in 5-10 minutes due to the artificial intelligence concept.

        The traders have the access to the vast number of marketplace that rise the chance to get more profit. The shown forecasts give the opportunity to choose the best way of the transaction operations at the moment. The information is also actual and available for each NCIGo trader. There is no reason to search for the better exchange on the different online platforms because the forthcoming application meets all trading requirements and purposes including the futures token pairs analysis.