NCIgo – the unique application with such high-level security performance


Modern society could not imagine their routine life without portable devices. The pocket screen era gives opportunity to users not only to entertain themselves with online or downloaded games but also to gain the profit with help of trading. Earlier the crypto world was available only for PC owners and now invest, run transactions and market operations and trade is possible anywhere using mobile phones, laptops or tablets. And all while, according statistics the number of mobile APP attacks doubled last years.

     NCIgo is the bright example of a profitable application for all rational market makers. But in comparison with other trading platforms, the APP by Netcurrencyindex team is the unique one. Firstly, this is the cutting-edge software for pocket screen installation with wide range of capabilities to count on. Here is presented not only a small row of wide-spread functions but also the exceptional offers to take a look at:

  • The  futures exchange access;
  • The reliable cryptocurrency forecast;
  • The asset wealth management;
  • All ready trading algorithms;
  • The real possibility to create own strategy and make up the trading portfolio.

       There are many other advantages both for traders and investors. Additionally, the NCIgo application is notable with high-level security. This aspect was under focused attention of Netcurrencyindex team of developers. The safety of users is one of the main aspects – all interested people in APP functionality should be sure in the qualitative safeguard of personal data and high security level of all operations running.

What is noticeable NCIgo application security with?

    After successful NCIgo concept creation and its realization, it is possible to consider the Netcurrencyindex application as the most innovative and optional blockchain-based platform at the present moment with all key features for maximal safety available.

  The NCI IT-specialists devoted much attention to internal controls and potential safety problems investigation in order to create an efficient risks-free tool for profitable market making everywhere. After numerous hacking simulations the APP security was ready. But even now developers do not stop and are working on improving of all security flows.

          For now the complex of extra caution actions was done. The Netcurrencyindex team has executed much work to gain the safest multi-purpose application. Due to research and testing performed next key security points were achieved:

  • All users’ data qualitative encryption;
  • Only authorized APIs are utilized;
  • The well-done secure code was written (with capability of fast updating);
  • Only unique libraries are presented – no third-party ones are used in NCIgo;
  • High-level authentication was developed.

      Most potential risks were blocked with help of these and other technical steps done. Also focused attention was paid to ruling out the possibility of financial gains – most users will permanently do different transactions and will save money in their multi-currency NCIgo wallets. That is why NCI developers had the aim to make their APP safe even with unsecured WI-FI connection.     

      The cryptography tools are instrumental in NCIgo security development. Only the last and best protocols were used for excellent result in terms of total safety. The Netcurrencyindex team often declares that the clients’ profitability and safeguard are the main aspects of their work – NCIgo application proves this statement it in full.