NetCurrencyIndex presents the Crypto Index Family NCI30,NCI100 and NCI500 – the effective tool for trading

BY ANDREY | Wednesday April 10, 2019 | NETCURRENCYINDEX

In order to increase the trading earnings, the NetCurrencyIndex with its NCI 30, NCI 100, NCI 500 indices was developed. NetCurrencyIndex is the Benchmark and current measuring with the NCI indices the crypto market in fully natural way. For now, NetcurrencyIndex is the one of the most global banking – it is the leading finance institution data provider worldwide. All the market circumstances are performed by the NetCurrencyIndex and the family of NCI 30, NCI 100, NCI 500, so the traders could bank on the indices showings performed because all market measurements are done with help of the AI technology. It is no risk to do the fail investments no more if the NCI information would be taken into the account – the traders could use this effective trend analysis tool for their profit only.

        Each trader is able to get the actual indices formed – all unstable and weak coins are out of the NetCurrencyIndex list due to the detailed AI analytical treatment of all needful aspects. By dint of the profitability and efficiency of the unique indices points, Netcurrencyindex with the Crypto Index Family NCI30, NCI100 and NCI500 is namely the Benchmark for the Crypto Industry and the entire Blockchain sector.

How to evaluate the NCI indices – the fast navigation for the rational traders

        All traders should pay attention to the given NCI indices section. Here are presented all important for comparison and making the conclusions current points along with certain data available:

  • Daily High and Daily Low showings;
  • Percentage of the actual changes (the data for 24 hours, 7 days and all time);
  • The graphics with the indices changes for different periods (1 month, 3 months, 1 year or all time).

        All parameters should be compared for the efficient trading and getting generous earnings. The trend resolution and other aspects are accessible – the NEtCurrencyIndex provides the regular information about the unique indices updating, precisely every 24 hours and 1 hour every day. Such a natural way to measure all the market peculiarities and find the reliable projects for investments. It is useful also take a look at the extra possibilities by Cryptocurrency Benchmark indices sector, such as:

  1. The separation all available tokens on gainers and losers according to the analyses results;
  2. The insightful graphics of the NCI 30 Blue Chips, NCI 100 Young Entrepreneurs, NCI 500 Real Goals;
  3. TOP 10 projects in each category and other data for trading.


It should be pointed out that NetCurrencyIndex cooperates with TOP exchanges, banks and finance institutions – thousands of investment companies reckon on the NCI information provided. The project is opened for everyone who desires to invest NCI. The registration page for investments is available here.