New Features Alive! VoliDex and Forecast.

BY ANDREY | Wednesday March 13, 2019 | NETCURRENCYINDEX

Dear community,

We have some great news! The latest useful features for our community members. Our goal is to make the digital market easier and more accessible for you. To do this, we have prepared new products, namely NCI VoliDEX and Forecast! Read on to find out more.

Let’s start with the NCI VoliDEX

This is an innovative tool from our incredible developers of the volatility index of the main 500 cryptocurrencies! It is a new index from the family NCI30, NCI100 and NCI500. NCI VoliDEX has the advantages of its predecessors, but much better.

Let’s see what is volatility. The volatility is a statistical measure of the return dispersion for a given security or market index. Usually the higher the volatility is, the riskier the security is considered. So this index makes it easy to check the volatility index of 500 different digital currencies. The system is updated every 5 minutes, which will not allow you to miss any changes.

What is Forecast?

This is an incredibly accurate projection of the 500 major digital currencies. Our smart algorithm makes analysis of 20,000 market indicators. Having based on the results only, the user can utilize our projection and decide which coins to buy and which ones to sell.

The future is here. Our new index allows any user to earn on cryptocurrency. Don’t be afraid to try it, start trading today. NCI VoliDEX will make your trading experience very enjoyable.

And if you have any questions, please let us know.

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NetcurrencyIndex Team