BY ANDREY | Monday March 25, 2019 | NETCURRENCYINDEX

While choosing a project for participation and/or investment, it is very important to analyze all available information. The special attention should be paid to the project team. For this purpose, I would like to tell you about the Netcurrency project team. I hope after that you will not have any doubts.

The core team consists of three people:

  1. Thomas Peter is CEO of Blocktimum PLC, which is a leading Digital Assistant Blockchain, related Development Company with a wide range of international partners. Thomas has 30+ experience in the field of financial markets and marketing. And 12 years of experience he has in the development of software systems, marketing and strategic planning of IT-products.
  2. Christian Wesmann — CBDO. Christian is Ex-Governmental adviser to different governments in the Asian-Pacific area and has more than 35-year experience in the financial and IT-Sector. He has developed various investment possibilities for the international capital market.
  3. Dipl.-Inf Stefanie Meinel — IT Specialist. Stephanie holds a Master’s Degree in computer science from the Leipzig university. She has over 10-year experience in IT-Development, State of the Art, and is also a specialist in IT-Security.

The Advisory Board includes 10 people. Among them:

  1. Dipl.-Ing (FH) Jose Guillermo Benites — Future Vision Consultant. He is a Hardware Specialist. 30 years of experience in this field plus a Master’s Degree in computer science.
  2. Nicole Fitzner Strategy and content consulting. Nicole has worked with more than 120 companies on issues related to back-office.
  3. Laura Herulcaite Health and Education Consultant. The extensive experience in the international Construction machinery business and Master’s Degree in health care from the Klaipeda University. Laura helps to understand the requirements of the international market, having networked with the Irish crypto community.
  4. Udo Fröber Senior consultant. He has 50 years of experience in Finance, Marketing and all related areas.
  5. Smruti Ranjan Panda IT development and web design. He holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Application and over 10 years of experience as Programmer in Web and Mobile Applications.
  6. Ahmed Bilal Content and Social Media Manager. Ahmed is a computer engineer, he also writes about Blockchain projects and cryptocurrency.
  7. Matthias Scheibner Specialist of the computer systems integration. 25 years of experience in IT consulting in more than 20 companies.
  8. Andrey Voloshyn — Marketing. Andrey is the co-founder of Cryptotexty media and think-tank, writer, advisor in the field of marketing.
  9. Moira Nazzari — Communication and Media. The photographer, designer and communication strategist at time. 15 years of experience in the communication sphere. A part-time author of web content for the University of Milan Bicocca. Moira collaborates with digital marketers, artists and social media influencers every day.
  10. Andrey Romanov Development and Marketing. Andrey is engaged in development and marketing of the Russian community. He has experience in corporate governance, analytical and strategic skills. He participated in such projects as DragonChain, Morpheus Network and ThinkCoin.

As you can see, each member has many years of successful experience in different fields. The project aggregated a strong and experienced team. The small narration of the core team is compensated by Advisory boards. However, to participate in a new startup is not enough to have only extensive experience. The most important aspect is the interest and diligence of each team member. And this is a distinctive feature of Netcurrency. The project brought together people who believe in the success of Netcurrency and make every effort to do so.