The most stable and profitable ones – the review of NCI 30, NCI 100, NCI 500

BY ANDREY | Saturday March 30, 2019 | NETCURRENCYINDEX

The newcomers to the trading as the experienced ones are aspiring to get the best profit on the present cryptocurrency market. Each of users tries to use the most effective tools in order to run his own tracking data analysis. This purpose is reasonable one but the search usually takes much time. Increasingly, if the trader has no ideas how to choose the correct token pair and to start transactions operations.

        The Netcurrency project presents the innovative way to get the actual trading information – the platform is built with the artificial technology concept and provides the analysis results almost in 5 minutes to each user.  

The peculiarities of NCI 50, NCI 100, NCI 500 lists the trader should know   

        In order to meet the trading purposes and all the users’ requirements, the Netcurrency developers have created three lists with the most stable crypto items:

  • NCI 30 – here the list of the 30 ones are presented. The detailed information includes the rising and falling of the token in percentage and other aspects;
  • NCI 100 – the list includes 100 ones with the analysis available. The tracking data analysis provides the bounce diagram during the month, 3 months and the year;
  • NCI 500 – this rating list has namely 500 items available with the full its description. The futures exchange is also presented here in order the traders could plan their following operations.

       The peculiarity of the project resides in the fast and effective data tracking – all the given analysis results are actual and could be taken into account for the transactions operating. The artificial intelligence technology used for Netcurrency real time witting and future goals forecasts made the fast analysis possible. The computational accuracy is guaranteed because more than 12 thousand factors are considered.

        There are TOP-10 lists in each category. The user has the possibility to choose both the gainers and the losers in the rating, to take a look at the present statistics and see the future goals. The benchmark indices given to traders save the time for the markets overlooks and give the great capability to get the profit. Even the trading newcomers could manage with the collected data and make their own conclusions for the efficient operating.

        The Netcurrency project is made for those who want to succeed in trading with help of the new technology implementation. It is the full access to the trend analysis and valuable insights with the potential leaders, perspective enterprise and stable cryptocurrency to trade with.