The new possibility for all traders and investing companies – Upcomers by NetcurrencyIndex


The modern blockchain sector obtains the Benchmark in form of Netcurrencyindex with the Family NCI30, NCI100 and NCI500 Indices. It is possible with help of the given separately classified NCI 30, NCI 100, NCI 500 indices and Upcomers list to make the crypto industry more profitable for users worldwide. Having got the effective tools for trading, the consumers are able to run the more efficient transactions every day – the accessible 500 Upcomers cover more than 99% of marketcab.

        The new possibility in terms of New Upcomers be NetCurrencyIndex developers team provide the traders with the information about the best coins with the great potential and the permanent growing. It comes to reality with the rankings differences available  – now it is accessible to discover the best tokens and blockchain projects with help of the available analysis made by the artificial intelligence technology of the Upcomers program.

The easy navigation – how to get the profit in a moment with NetCurrencyIndex Upcomers list

        All entries are shown in shape of the table right on the main page of the NetCurrencyIndex website. All rational traders have the free access to the data performed. It is worth noticing that the information presented in the Upcomers table is updating regularly – the ranking showings and the stability figures keep up to date one time a day, at the midnight (daily 00:00 UTC). It means that the gathered results are actual and as a consequence these readings are reliable to reckon on.



Many traders all over the world feel the advantages of NetCurrencyIndex analysis with the available Upcomers list and NCI 30, 100, 500 indices that cover the Blue Chips, Young Entrepreneurs and Future Goals. Even the newcomers in trading are able to use all the given data due to the easy navigation and the current showings mentioned. It is well seen when the coins have come into indices. Let us explain each column in details:


  • The rankings after coming up;
  • One more item to consider for the best benchmark analysis is the coin stability aspect that is shown in the second column of the table;
  • The previous rating is also accessible in the third column;
  • Ranking now;
  • Rating difference between coming up and now;
  • Project name
  • Coin Symbol


        The ranking differences and the term of the coins stability of separately performed NCI30, NCI100, NCI500 indices are offered to see as other parameters that are necessary to take into account, likely how much higher or lower marketcab aspect is (the change in price and supply).

Based on all above showings and analysis aspects, the great profit could be gained.

The benefit is possible to be got split-second with help of the Upcomers list and the NCI 30, 100, 500 indices by NetCurrencyIndex. It is the dependable source both of information and income for the traders – all profit-orientated users who are in search for the best coins to sell and to buy could bank on the NetCurrencyIndex as on the reliable financial data provider.