The possibility to find the most stable tokens – the Netcurrency rebalancing feature


The Netcurrency project provides the users with the raw of the extraordinary possibilities. The traders could get the profit with help of the tracking data analysis and the arbitrage available on the website. Due to the capabilities to see the changes with the cryptocurrencies positions, the trading is going to become more efficient sphere of realization. The analysis is given on the unique platform that gives the opportunity to avoid the long-term searching of the optimal market and token pair.

        One more presented the Netcurrency feature is the table of the automatic rebalancing proceeding results. Thus, the traders could see the most stable cryptocurrencies and invest the right and profitable project.

The rebalancing by Netcurrency – the advantages of automatic analysis

        The project makes the fast data analyzing possible – more than 12 000 different factors are taken into account by the artificial intelligence technology of the platform. That is why the automotive rebalancing is running quickly and provides the users with the reliable results. The table consists of 7 categories – each column could be filtered both in decreasing and increasing order of the given parameters.  

        The titles of all categories are given here:

  • New cryptocurrency (in days);
  • The stability of the project position (in days);
  • The item ranking before;
  • The ranking of the cryptocurrency now;
  • The comparison of the positions – new and now (the +- rating);
  • The name of the project;
  • The kind of token is used.

        The first parameter, the project novelty in days, says about the term of its existence. Due to this factor it is possible to define the index of the project stability. This position is presented in days – how many days namely this cryptocurrency and the project have the steady rating. The columns with the ranking information helps to decide if the project position became worse or better. For the comfortable navigation there the category of comparison is already given. The negative exponent means the instability and the positive index says about the good scenario. Two last columns are devoted to the titles both the project and its symbol.

        This innovative feature of the Netcurrency platform allows to identify the real position of the concrete cryptocurrency. The result of the determined stability factor is reliable because the program takes into account all the given information about the projects. The traders have the exceptional capability to use the tracking data analysis in order to make own conclusions and get the profit.