To become the certified partner of Netcurrencyindex is prestige value to all blockchain projects

BY ANDREY | Tuesday April 23, 2019 | NETCURRENCYINDEX

Netcurrencyindex as the leading the global institution data provider greatly respects all partners with the growing showings the great potential. As the evidence, the main Benchmark in the modern blockchain technology, the Netcurrencyindex project have the system of the rewards for the most stable coins and the perspective projects.

The Netcurrencyindex team considers that all reliable companies and suitable for investments and profitable trading projects should be certainly noticed. That is why it is presented the rewards to the companies and the growing organizations with the stable currency – the way of the namely special certification is available for all blockchain representatives. The certificate then could be seen to everyone who follows the Netcurrencyindex family with NCI30, NCI100, NCI500. It is the great opportunity to the companies to become the part of the certified area of Netcurrencyindex team.

All Netcurrencyindex partners have the regardful opportunity to be certified by the team of the global institution data provider and become the member of:

  • NCI 500 “The future goals” – have just become the Netcurrencyindex index showing;
  • NCI 100 “The young Entrepreneurs” – have just appeared in the list of the one hundred index;
  • NCI 30 “The blue chips” – have just got caught up to the leading projects.



The rising stars – who are they? The description of one more raw of the rewards by Netcurrencyindex team

It is possible to bank on the reward by the Netcurrencyindex team right before getting new results. Coming by the marketcab to the new category of the indices, the participants are able to reckon on the certificate of the “Rising Star”. It is the prestigious reward for the companies and blockchain projects with stable coins to get the number of the certified members of NCI index family. Take a look at the instance to understand the “Rising star” rewarding system of the Netcurrencyindex project:

  1. One representative of the NCI 500 index that is going to achieve the NCI 100 soon will get the certificate of “The young Entrepreneurs Rising Star”.
  2. After some period of time we will be waiting for new results of this project and at the moment it would be closed to the Blue Chips, the Netcurrencyindex team would award this project team with new star, the Blue Chips Rising star certificate.

The certification partners are considered as the most reliable project at the present moment. All the mentioned projects form the certified area by NCI as the global trading data provider. That is why it is the humbling experience for all entrepreneurs and blockchain “rising stars” to be noticed and rewarded by such respectful data provider as Netcurrencyindex.